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What is the Antique Wireless Association?

The Antique Wireless Association (AWA) is committed to making sure the bygone days of radio are not forgotten. Per its website, the AWA’s vision is “To preserve and share the history of technology used to communicate and entertain from the first telegram to today’s wireless text messaging.”

To this end, the group collects, researches, restores, and preserves communication objects of historical significance; publishes histories of the technology and organizes documentation for research purposes; develops educational programs; and maintains the Antique Wireless Museum in Bloomfield, New York, about 24 miles south of Rochester.

Can’t swing a trip to Bloomfield to see the museum’s world-class collection, including a replica of the radio room on the Titanic, military communications equipment, vintage radios, keys, early cell phones, a Tesla coil, a Hertzian receiving resonator, and a patent model of the first regenerative receiver (1912)? Take a virtual tour of the museum here or check out this video on YouTube. Visit the AWA’s official website for AWA events, including the Antique Wireless Association (AWA) Bruce Kelley 1929 QSO Party (November 9-10); information about the AWA’s 2020 Annual Convention (August 11-15), with the theme “The Evolution of Ham Radio”; AWA publications; membership information; how to donate; and much more.

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