HAM Radio 101

What is an Ethernet Filter?

From time to time our Word of the Day feature will focus on a unique product that benefits our fellow Ham Radio operators. Today, we look at the ISO-PLUS Ethernet RF Filter from DX Engineering— a tool that helps Amateur Radio operators pull out weak signals and operate more effectively by combating interference that can affect station performance.

The patent-pending Ethernet RF Filter suppresses electromagnetic interference (EMI) and reduces common-mode radio frequency interference (RFI) to and from Ethernet cables used between personal computers, printers, routers, multi-port switches, cable modems, transceivers and other devices. This interference is a typical problem on Ethernet Cat5e and Cat6 cables used for network LAN connections.

Available in packs of 2 or 10, the inline ISO-PLUS Ethernet RF Filter joins two RJ-45 connectors together to fight common-mode RFI and EMI noise interference for radio frequencies from below 1 MHz to over 100 MHz, including 160 through 6 meter Amateur bands. Installed on both ends of Ethernet cables, ISO-PLUS filters mitigate RFI caused to the Ethernet-connected device. At the same time, they reduce interference to radio receivers and other Ethernet devices caused by RFI or EMI generated by an Ethernet-connected device.

Read more about the DX Engineering ISO-PLUS Ethernet RF Filter here.


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