HAM Radio 101

What is a “State QSO Party?” (Word of the Day)

Pronounced “Q S O party,” a State QSO Party refers to a contest where you try to work as many stations as possible in a specific state or group of states. Multipliers are usually counties of that state. Many stations operate mobile, moving from county to county to activate as many counties as possible. Typically, State QSO Parties are a little more laid back in intensity so they can be a fun activity for newer contesters, especially those striving for the United States of America Counties Award or Worked All States Award. For a complete list of State QSO Parties, click here. To assist you, here’s a handy map resource: US Census State-Based County Outline Maps. And remember to read the contest rules carefully. They vary by state.

If you’re interested in hitting the road to activate counties in your state during a QSO Party, DX Engineering has a wide variety of mobile antennas and versatile HF mobile rigs, including the Icom IC-7100 HF, VHF & UH; Yaesu FT-891 HF/50 MHz; Yaesu FT-857 HF, VHF & UHF; and Kenwood TS-480SAT HF/50 MHz. Our thanks to Anthony K8ZT for today’s Word of the Day!


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