HAM Radio 101

What is a QSL Card? (Word of the Day)

If you’re new to Ham Radio, maybe you’ve seen a friend’s shack filled with postcards displaying tropical locales, the International Space Station, battleships, and other images. These are QSL cards. When you make contact with a station and you send a QSL card confirming the contact, you will often get a QSL card in return. For much-anticipated DXpeditions to remote locations, thousands of QSL cards will be mailed or made available electronically by the DXpedition team. Over a lifetime of operating, many Amateur Radio enthusiasts, such as the DXers at DX Engineering, have amassed impressive collections of QSL cards, including everything from local contacts with an amateur radio club across town to a rare QSO with a seldomly visited DXCC entity such as Scarborough Reef or Kure Island. Contact enough DXCC entities (331 of the 340 currently available) and you can join an elite group of Hams—members of the ARRL DXCC Honor Roll.

Need a place to display and protect your QSL cards? DX Engineering carries this handy solution.

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