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Video: REZ Antenna’s Recon 40 High Performance HF Antenna Coil—Perfect for 40-10M Portable Ham Operations

Whether you enjoy portable ops during Field Day, POTA, or SOTA, or just want a space-saving efficient way to get on the 40 to 10 meter bands, the high-inductance Recon 40 HF coil from REZ Antenna Systems is a great addition to your 17-foot HF vertical antenna.

REZ Antenna recon 40 hf antenna coil
(Image/DX Engineering)

Though the Recon 40 works great with the heavy-duty telescoping whip from REZ Antenna, you can use it with pretty much any 17-foot whip with a 3/8-24 stud mount.

In the video below, DX Engineering technical support specialist Michael Murphy, KI8R, gives you an in-depth look at this versatile HF coil and explains how its fast, easy HF band change capabilities make it a great choice for your amateur radio station.

Check out for the full lineup of gear from REZ Antenna Systems, including the Ranger 80 (80-10M) Portable Antenna System featuring HF coil assembly, heavy-duty military whip, radial kit, ground spike or aluminum tripod mount, and MOLLE backpack in your choice of five colors.

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