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Video Review: WiMo PicoAPRS Version 4 (Plus a Look at the PicoAPRS-Lite Transceiver Module)

In a previous post about Version 4 of WiMo’s tiny but mighty PicoAPRS created by Taner Schenker, DB1NTO—now with even more functionality thanks to the addition of a 2M transceiver—OnAllBands compared it to Ant-Man, the diminutive but deceptively powerful member of the Marvel Universe. In today’s post, we’re featuring a video of DX Engineering friend and fellow ham Josh Nass, KI6NAZ, of Ham Radio Crash Course giving his assessment of how the device measures up when put to the test. Just how small is it? The thumbnail of the video shows Josh with the snack-size PicoAPRS in his mouth. That’s how small. Disclaimer: Do not eat the PicoAPRS.

V4 upgrades include the new VHF two-meter handheld transceiver that features a PTT button, microphone, speaker, stored memories, and color display; KISS data protocol for packet radio, which is available via a side-mounted USB-C socket, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi, making it easy to set up an APRS IGate (previously not possible in such a small housing); joystick-style buttons on the front for enhanced functionality; larger 240 x 240 pixel color display; and WLAN interface that simplifies software maintenance.

The device is available at

What was Josh’s verdict on the WiMo PicoAPRS V4, or as he calls it, “the smallest radio I have seen to date”? Josh gives his thoughts on this versatile, 1W output device (hint: he thinks it is super cool) that functions as an APRS digipeater, comes with built-in TNC, works as a transceiver on two-meter simplex on FM, and executes firmware updates with the click of a button. Watch this video to find out what he says:

WiMo PicoAPRS-Lite APRS Transceiver Module

When news reports surfaced that one of the mystery objects shot down by the U.S. Air Force in February may have actually been a harmless pico balloon (K9YO-15) launched by Illinois hobbyists, OnAllBands immediately thought of another WiMo product—the PicoAPRS-Lite Transceiver Module. Well, actually, first we were relieved that extraterrestrials with evil intentions were not involved. Then we thought about the WiMoAPRS-Lite.

This powerful and versatile APRS module is small enough to slide into your pocket or easily install out-of-sight in your vehicle yet is ideal for monitoring world balloon trips. The little brother of the PicoAPRS, the PicoAPRS-Lite may weigh only 7.2 grams (without antenna jack, case or power source), but don’t let that fool you. It’s built for reliably tracking balloon flights with APRS payload (pico balloons and stratosphere balloons) as well as for many other APRS purposes. Special functions of the PicoAPRS-Lite include:


    • Automatic or manual frequency tuning on request (e.g., automatic for worldwide balloon flights)

    • Temperature and air pressure sensor

    • It can be powered by a small solar cell with buffer capacitor, or single-use or rechargeable batteries

    • 3.2-5 voltage range

    • Even when using batteries, the energy-saving mode will be used between beacon transmissions to extend battery life

    • Micro USB port for configuration

    • Integrated GPS module with balloon mode up to 80km height—perfect for stratosphere balloons

    • Transmission power configurable between 0.5 and 1W

    • 7-pole lowpass filter to eliminate spurious emissions

    • Firmware updates via USB

As a bonus, here’s an OnAllBands article about a pico balloon launch from a couple of years ago.

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