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Tim Duffy, K3LR, Inducted into the CQ Amateur Radio Hall of Fame

OnAllBands is pleased to announce that Tim Duffy, K3LR, DX Engineering CEO, has been inducted into the CQ Amateur Radio Hall of Fame in recognition of his lifetime of contributions to the amateur radio service and his fellow hams.

tim duffy k3lr outdoors with small ham radio satellite antenna
(Image/DX Engineering)

This latest accolade follows a long list of accomplishments for Tim since first becoming licensed more than 50 years ago, including his induction into the CQ Contest Hall of Fame in 2006; chairing Contest University for 15 years; moderating the Hamvention Antenna Forum for 40 years; hosting scores of contesters at his K3LR superstation; being awarded Hamvention Amateur of the Year in 2015 and the YASME Excellence Award in 2016; and his ongoing support of numerous youth operator activities and DXpeditions. You can read Tim’s full bio here.

“I am extremely honored to join the prestigious list of amateur radio operators who have earned this distinction. My most sincere thanks to everyone on the selection committee who helped to make this possible, my colleagues at DX Engineering, and those in the ham radio community who continue to keep amateur radio vital and thriving—today and for generations to come.

It is my greatest privilege to share the bands with you. I look forward to continuing to give back to the hobby that has given me so much over my lifetime on the air.”

Tim Duffy, K3LR

K3LR joins these 2024 CQ Amateur Radio Hall of Fame inductees:

Joachim Kraft, DL8HCZ/CT1HZE, of Hamburg, Germany, publisher of “DUBUS” magazine; and Richard A. Ross, K2MGA, president of CQ Publishing who passed away on April 27, 2024, at age 84.

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