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Tech Tip: Ham Station Computer Operations

Computer-based radio operations are fun!

HRD Software Ham Radio Deluxe HRDCompletely integrate your station with your computer, starting with THE all-in-one software solution, Ham Radio Deluxe. “HRD” is an advanced, visually appealing program that displays and operates Radio Control, Logbook, Digital Master, Satellite and Rotor Control modules. It covers an incredible range of digital, CW and voice modes. Logging and station control with your computer has never been better!

But, how DO you get the rig hooked up to the computer? Most modern interface units connect to the computer simply via the USB port. Pre-made interface cables make all of the transceiver connections for control, AFSK digital modes, keyed CW and FSK RTTY. The innovative RigExpert USB and Wi-Fi interfaces use these specialized cables, and West Mountain Radio interfaces use these cables . Or, choose inexpensive separates; USB to Serial Adapters and USB radio control cables made by RT Systems and digital audio interface and cable combos by Tigertronics.

Check out digital mode computer radio interfacing solutions at DX Engineering!

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