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New Product Showcase: Replacement Tubing for Hy-Gain Antennas

The experienced Hams at DX Engineering know what it’s like to find the proverbial needle in a haystack, that Coupe de Ville hiding in the bottom of a Cracker Jack box, an impossible-to-find part buried within the depths of a flea market nuts-and-bolts bin. The elation of unearthing such a treasure is rare and unforgettable. On the other side, every Ham knows the search for that elusive thingamajig often ends in disappointment—a quest unfulfilled, the Holy Grail left untouched.

So when the team at DX Engineering learned that many Hy-Gain antenna owners had exhausted all other options in pursuit of specific-size tubing to replace commonly broken tips, they felt your pain…and did something about it.

DX Engineering now offers upgraded 0.438″ (7/16″) diameter tubing that can be cut to replace broken or missing Hy-Gain antenna tips. Available in 72″ (DXE-AT2242) and 36″ (DXE-AT2243) lengths, the 6063-T832 aluminum tubing has .058″ wall thickness, doubling the strength of the original .029″ thick tips. Also available are Black Vinyl Caps for 7/16″ diameter tubing (DXE-VC-0437). They come in packs of 20.

Plus, you’ll find a great selection of Hy-Gain vertical and Yagi antennas, rotators and controllers, antenna pigtail cables, and more at

What do Hams say about DX Engineering Aluminum Tubing?

Five Stars: With so much low-quality aluminum tubing on the market, it’s nice to find a supplier that has the good stuff.

For September, we’re using our Word of the Day column to focus on new products that have become available since the 2020 DX Engineering catalog came out.

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