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Product Spotlight: DX Engineering 400MAX Type-N to PL-259 Low-Loss 50-Ohm Coaxial Adapter Cable Assemblies

Plus New Cable Gripper for RG-400 Size Coax

Wouldn’t it be great if all connectors were uniform, and you didn’t have to worry about A fitting into B, and B fitting into C? As any ham knows, variety is the spice of building and maintaining an amateur radio station. It’s just one of the aspects of the hobby that makes being an operator endlessly interesting and challenging.

While DX Engineering enjoys the challenges, we also relish the opportunity to make life a bit simpler for our fellow hams by coming up with solutions to common problems, which is the subject of this blog entry.

Problem: What if two devices, say, your transceiver, switch, meter, lightning protector, or antenna, have opposite female connectors—one type-N and the other SO-239?

Solution: DX Engineering 400MAX Type-N to PL-259 Low-Loss 50-Ohm Coaxial Adapter Cable Assemblies

connector ends of a dx engineering coaxial cable assembly
(Image/DX Engineering)

Available in lengths up to 300 feet (3, 6, 50, and 100 feet assemblies are in stock, other lengths are custom-made by special order), these assemblies make an excellent choice over less-reliable straight adapters. The cable assemblies are:

  • Made for any job (HF, VHF, and UHF)
  • Terminated with one top-quality silver-plated Type-N male connector and one patented Next Generation PL-259 (UHF male) connector
  • Wrapped in a waterproof jacket made with UV-resistant, Type III-A polyethylene, which is ideal for all outdoor feedline applications, including direct-bury installations
  • Suited for short or long cable runs and low- or high-power level operations; cables feature a large 10 AWG stranded copper center conductor
  • Enhanced by modern, gas-injected foam polyethylene dielectric that cannot absorb moisture and has complete shielding
  • Made for high performance and excellent longevity
  • Continuity and Hi-Pot tested and then heat-shrink weather-sealed

Both connectors feature machine-crimped shields with 360 degrees of complete mechanical and electrical contact for maximum reliability. PL-259 center pins are hand-soldered, and Type-N center pins are machine-crimped by trained assembly techs to assure a proper connection.

Further, Next Generation PL-259 connectors feature:

  • Full-diameter, full-length soldered center pins that snugly fit even worn SO-239s
  • Spacious center pin inside diameter that accepts large conductors and allows generous solder flow
  • Deep, double-knurled threaded shells for secure finger tightening
  • Silver-plated brass shells and bodies with center pins securely mounted in PTFE dielectric for exceptional RF characteristics and power handling

Even More Options for Purchasing Coaxial Cable

You can also order the specific length of 400MAX coaxial cable—and a variety of other cables with the connectors you desire—by selecting the specific length (up to 300 feet) and connector types at DX Engineering’s Custom Cable Builder at DX Engineering cable can also be purchased in bulk spools of 500 and 1,000 feet or by the foot.

New DX Engineering Coaxial Cable Gripper

DX Engineering is pleased to introduce a new hinged coaxial cable gripper (DXE-CGH-195) to add to its impressive lineup of coax prep tools designed to firmly hold coaxial cable while you prepare it for connector installation.

The device provides a dramatically improved grip on DXE-8U, DXE-400MAX, DXE-11U, DXE-213U, standard RG-8 or other RG-8U size (0.405-inch nominal) coaxial cables.

hinged dx coaxial cable gripper dxe-cgh-195_xl
(Image/DX Engineering)

Featuring a bumpy finish on the outside and grooved surface on the inside to maintain a non-slip grip, the tool is ideal for use with the DXE-UT-8213 Coaxial Cable Preparation Tool and the DXE-UT-80P and DXE-UT-80N Connector Installation Tools for two-piece solder-on PL-259 and Type-N connectors. The two halves fit together with hinges and a strong steel spring that aids in grip and alignment. DX Engineering gripper tools also take the hassle out of installing crimp connectors.

dxe-cgh-195_ap_xl dx engineering cable gripper open
(Image/DX Engineering)

Find the full lineup of DX Engineering cable grippers and gripper/stripper combos at, along with coax prep tool kits for soldered and F connectors and coax preparation tools and tool kits for installing crimp connectors.

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