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Product Showcase: What’s New from Chameleon Antenna?

As the weather warms up and our thoughts turn to enhancing our outdoor Ham adventures, here are a few items you’ll want to put on your wish list from Chameleon Antenna, including complete portable systems and bandwidth-boosting antenna capacity hats.M

MPAS LITE Modular Portable Antenna System

Billed as the “little brother” of the MPAS-2-0 Portable HF Antenna System, the new MPAS LITE provides HF and 6 meter coverage (100W SSB or 50W CW) and support for a range of configurations: Vertical, Horizontal, Sloper, Inverted Vee, Inverted L, NVIS, Balcony, Stationary Vehicle, and Man-Pack. The system includes Chameleon Hybrid-Micro matching unit and portable base; 60 feet of antenna wire; 17-foot collapsible stainless steel whip antenna; 50-foot coaxial cable with RFI choke; stainless steel spike mount (for attaching the Hybrid HF antenna base and a counterpoise); and stainless steel hardware.

QUAD ONE Antenna Base

This innovative base’s octagon enclosure uses four 3/8-24″ solid brass connectors to accommodate up to four Ham-stick type antennas. Fed with 5o-ohm coax, the coax center conductor is connected to four antenna bases, one for each side of the dipole, while the shield is connected to every antenna base. A mounting bracket for mast poles from 0.750″ to 1.750″ is included.

SPIDER ASB Antenna Base

Doubling the capabilities of the QUAD ONE, the SPIDER ASB base accommodates up to eight Ham-stick type antennas.

Base HF SKYLOOP 2.0 Antenna

This 80M to 6M high-performance horizontal antenna comes with 265 feet of wire, insulators, hardware, and integral impedance matching transformer that allows broadband antenna tuning. It makes a solid choice for shortwave listening as well as a stealthy option for HOAs.

TACHAT Capacity Hat Kits

Greatly expand your Ham-stick’s usable bandwidth and enable multi-band hopping without changing your antenna setup by quickly and easily attaching the TACHAT to threaded, sectioned antennas. Available in spoke (six 36-inch rods) and loop (three 36-inch loops) models.

Universal Guying System

This portable and lightweight guying system is constructed of non-conductive guy wire, corrosion-resistant stainless steel anchors, and heavy-duty nail pegs. The system includes three winder assemblies; three lengths of 25 feet of 3mm-P Mastrant cord; three nail plugs; three line tighteners; and guy ring.

Dual-Band VHF/UHF Mobile Antenna

Simple and effective, this dual-band magnetic-mount whip antenna for 2M and 70cm features easy deployment, 150W FM power handling on SSB and CW, and SO-239 connector.

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