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Product Profile: PicoAPRS-Lite Transceiver Module

From the innovators at WiMo comes a remarkably powerful and versatile APRS module that can slide into your pocket or easily install out-of-sight in your vehicle, yet is ideal for monitoring world balloon trips. The little brother of the popular PicoAPRS, the PicoAPRS-Lite may weigh only 7.2 grams (without antenna jack, case or power source), but don’t let that fool you. It’s built for reliably tracking balloon flights with APRS payload (Pico balloons and stratosphere balloons) as well as for many other APRS purposes. Special functions of the PicoAPRS-Lite include automatic or manual frequency tuning on request (e.g., automatic for worldwide balloon flights); temperature and air pressure sensor; the ability to be powered by a small solar cell with buffer capacitor, or single-use or rechargeable batteries;     3.2-5 voltage range; and integrated GPS module with balloon mode up to 80km height—perfect for stratosphere balloons.

Click here for more details on the PicoAPRS-Lite Transceiver Module. Also from WiMo, check out the QRM Eliminator available from DX Engineering. If you haven’t received your copy of the DX Engineering Fall/Winter Catalog, visit DXEngineering.com and click on Sign Up for Our Free Catalog. You can also download a searchable PDF or view it digitally – all for free.

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