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Power Genius XL Amplifier, Tuner Genius XL Tuners, and Antenna Genius 8×2 Switch from FlexRadio | New Products Spotlight

DX Engineering is thrilled to now offer these station-upgrading devices from FlexRadio’s Genius Solutions’ lineup: 

Power Genius XL HF+6 1,500W+ Amplifier 

The solid state PGXL 160-6M amplifier delivers full legal-limit power in all modes (including RTTY and FT8) at 100% ICAS* duty cycles. FlexRadio says the device, measuring 6″ H x 20″ W x 14″ D and weighing 39.6 lbs., is the only fully SO2R-capable amplifier on the market with 70 dB nominal isolation between transceiver inputs.  

Other features include the ability to interface with any modern transceiver; a Maximum Efficiency Algorithm (MEffA™) system that controls efficiency as a function of output; smart cooling control with real-time settings of drain voltage, drive, and fan speed; exceptional spurious performance thanks to its diplexed filters for carrier and harmonics; ultrafast SWR protection; CAT, band decoder, LAN interface for operation with other exciters; and network capability with built-in Ethernet connection, allowing it to seamlessly integrate with any FLEX-6000 Series radio.  

The fully plug-and-play Power Genius XL includes fully integrated meters and controls that allow the amp to be controlled from the FlexRadio SmartSDR software, whether on SmartSDR for Windows, iOS, or your Maestro throughout your existing network. Visit for many more details. 

* NOTE: 240VAC mains required for full legal limit power output. Maximum of ~750W RF output when the power source is under 180VAC. 

Tuner Genius XL 

Designed to complement FLEX-6000 Series transceivers and the Power Genius XL amplifier to gain full SO2R operation, the FRI-TGXLSO2R Tuner—the first SO2R tuner in the amateur market—provides coverage from 1.8-54 MHz with the ability to tune up to 10:1 SWR and handle up to 2000W SSB/CW.  

All functions can be controlled at the front panel 4.5-inch color touch display or remotely via LAN and a Windows software application. High precision “peak responding” RF power and SWR meter displays eliminate the need for a separate meter in your shack.  

Both Tuner Genius XL models—the single-operator version or the one-radio three-antenna version (FRI-TGXL-1X3)—are built with excellent components to commercial broadcast industry standards. They can interface with any modern HF transceiver or be fully integrated with a FLEX-6000 Series transceiver. 

Antenna Genius 8×2 Switch 

Designed for LAN/WAN control and to make the most out of your dual RX transceiver, this smart matrix antenna switch supports eight antennas and two radios. The AG-2X8 features a hardware-level interlock system to prevent two radios from connecting to the same antenna, safeguards against RX antennas being used for TX, automatic antenna switching for FlexRadio rigs, rugged stainless steel chassis with wall-mount flange, and user programmable band ranges.

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