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HAM Radio 101

Word of the Day: Rag-Chewing

There are several aspects of Ham Radio in which brevity is preferred. If you’re in a heated contest where every contact (QSO) matters and the clock is ticking, you won’t […]

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It’s All in the Cards! A Look at Saba and St. Eustatius QSL Cards

Editor’s Note: Every month, DX Engineering features QSL cards from our team members’ personal collections. To highlight upcoming DXpeditions, we’ll be displaying a few of our favorite cards along with […]

HAM Radio 101

Word of the Day (QSO): What Does QSO Mean?

In our last Word of the Day post, we discussed State QSO Parties—a contest in which operators try to work as many stations as possible in a state or group […]

HAM Radio 101

What is a “State QSO Party?” (Word of the Day)

Pronounced “Q S O party,” a State QSO Party refers to a contest where you try to work as many stations as possible in a specific state or group of […]

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Field Day Tips: How to Fine-Tune Your EMCOMM Skills During Field Day

Since the 1930s, Field Day has been an event to test the field preparedness and emergency communications (EMCOMM) abilities of the Amateur Radio community. Over the years, it has turned […]

HAM Radio 101

Word of the Day: What is a “Receive Antenna?”

Generally refers to an antenna that is used for receive purposes only – e.g., not the same as the transmitting antenna. These include specialized antennas, such as loops, short verticals, […]

HAM Radio 101

Word of the Day: Great Circle

The bearing between two points on the globe which minimizes the physical distance is known as a great circle bearing. Thus the great circle bearing for working, say, India from […]

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Word of the Day: ATNO

ATNO stands for All Time New One. For DXers, it means making contact with a DXCC entity for the first time—often after years of near misses, poor propagation, and pileups […]

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Satellite Basics (Part 1): Guide to Ham Radio Satellite Operating

One of the great things about Ham Radio is the endless ways you can enjoy the hobby. If you feel your Ham Radio enjoyment needs a shake-up, or you’re new […]

HAM Radio 101

Word of the Day: What is a “Pilot Station” in Amateur Radio?

Pilot stations are members of a DXpedition who operate from populated areas and are in regular contact with the DXpedition. Their job is to report on how things are going […]