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Fiberglass Tubing Mast Kits are Great for On-the-Go Projects

DX Engineering has introduced four Complete Fiberglass Telescoping Tubing and Cam Lock Clamp Kits designed for fast deployment, easy transport, and reliable performance of temporary and portable antenna masts. Perfect […]

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Mark Your Calendars for the 2nd Annual DXE Hamfest

Did you have a chance to stop by DX Engineering in Tallmadge, Ohio, for its first Hamfest? If not, it’s not too early to mark your calendars for the second […]

dx engineering thrust bearing
Products & Product Reviews

Antenna Mast Thrust Bearings: A Better Answer

Many an antenna rotator has met its untimely demise due to side-to-side stress and the inability to handle the dead weight from above. Among other benefits, antenna mast thrust bearings […]

HAM Radio 101

What is “Receive Diversity?”

The practice of using two antennas, each feeding a separate receiver locked onto the same frequency, to better capture a weak signal. This frequently is an advantage due to the […]

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FT8 / Technical Articles

FT8—What Is It and How Can I Get Started?

I am guessing that most of you reading this have either heard about FT8 from fellow Hams or heard it on air as that strange repetitive buzzing sound between the […]

HAM Radio 101

Ham Radio 101: Who is Hiram Percy Maxim, W1AW?

Today’s Word of the Day honors one of the pioneers of Amateur Radio, Hiram Percy Maxim, W1AW, inventor and co-founder the American Radio Relay League (ARRL) along with Clarence D. […]

two men using a small portable ham radio station
Technical Articles

Guide to Contesting for Technicians

Contesting is one of Ham Radio’s most popular on-air activities. These are operating events with a time limit—anywhere from an hour or two to 48-hour events spanning an entire weekend. […]

3 heil pro set headset microphones
HAM Radio 101 / Products & Product Reviews

Guide to Choosing Heil Headsets for Amateur Radio

If you’re thinking about upgrading your station for the VP6R Pitcairn Island DXpedition (October 18 to November 1), you’re going to want high-quality audio equipment in your shack. You can’t […]

HAM Radio 101

What is a Band Plan?

A band plan is established by a DXpedition team to let operators around the world know what bands they will be on and in what modes. For the VP6R 2019 […]

HAM Radio 101

Word of the Day: Topbander

For many Ham Radio enthusiasts, there’s no greater challenge than being a topbander—someone who operates on 160 meters(1,800 and 2,000 kHz). The oldest Amateur Radio band and, at one time, […]