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New Product Spotlight: The DX Engineering XB-5 Hexx Beam Antenna Has Arrived. Why Not Beam One Up to Your Station?

The team at DX Engineering has been hard at work over the last couple of years developing an improved Hexx Beam antenna with significant upgrades and key advantages over past models. OnAllBands is pleased to announce that the all-new version of this highly regarded antenna—most notably shaped like an inverted umbrella frame—is available at DX Engineering and ready to do some serious work at your station.

The DXE-XB-5 Hexx Beam is a lightweight directional HF antenna suited for permanent installations or temporary operations on 20, 17, 15, 12 and 10 meters. Full legal power handling and high performance is achieved with full-size pre-cut wire elements, our patented* balanced feeder system, and a new 1:1 balun with mount included. Specialized hardware, a new mast plate, better fiberglass, and simplified assembly make the new XB-5 model DX Engineering’s best Hexx Beam ever.

  • Easier assembly with fewer parts
  • Balun and mount included
  • Heavy-duty mast plate
  • Stronger fiberglass without slits
  • Pre-sized and pre-drilled element spacer insulators
  • Simple tuning adjustment (if needed)
  • Improved SWR band coverage
  • Pre-made heavy-duty “ice” support ropes with thimbles and stainless steel carabiners

In memoriam of Steve Hunt, G3TXQ (SK), pioneer of the broadband Hexbeam design who passed away in December 2018, the new XB-5 Hexx Beam builds on the success of the Mark II version perfected by DX Engineering over a decade ago. The XB-5 Hexx Beam now has simplified spacers for the full-length wire elements with no losses, improved SWR bandwidth, and great front-to-back performance. As with all DX Engineering products, the DXE-XB-5 comes with a detailed, fully illustrated manual that makes installation easy. Enjoy extraordinary receive capabilities and work more stations with the XB-5. *US Patent No. 8,669,911 and D624,060 and British Patent Number GB248003 B.

Enter “DXE-XB-5” at to see if it is currently available on the web.

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