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New Product Spotlight: Icom ID-50A Digital Dual-Band Handheld Transceiver

In the next few months, OnAllBands will be featuring news from some of our favorite vendors at Dayton Hamvention 2023. Today we’re spotlighting Icom, which had its new ID-50A VHF/UHF Multi-Function D-STAR Handheld Transceiver on display. While not currently for sale or FCC-approved, Icom’s latest HT is available for “virtual” reservation at Click on the link for full details of the reservation program.

Billed by Icom as a “perfect travel companion,” the compact and waterproof 2M/70cm ID-50A comes with pro-grade construction, user-friendly menu icons, excellent readability, and an impressive array of features:

  • Band scope and waterfall displays visually show active channels with a wide span and timeline, making it easy to find active channels by sight.
  • Dual-watch function doubles QSO opportunities to monitor VHF/VHF, VHF/UHF, and UHF/UHF bands at the same time and can receive both FM and Air bands.
  • Built-in GPS receiver displays the current grid square information; GPS position data can be used for Position Auto Reply, Near Repeater Search, and GPS log functions.
  • Connecting the ID-50A to a D-STAR network allows you to call a friend in another city or in other regions around the world.
  • You can build your own internet gateway to access the D-STAR repeater network. Use Terminal Mode to send voice and data over the internet to D-STAR repeaters and Access Point Mode to connect to other D-STAR radios even in an area with no D-STAR repeaters nearby.
  • D-STAR DV Mode can send not only voice but also image data. Download the ST-ID50A/W picture utility software from the Icom website and import photos from a smart device into the ID-50A to exchange photos and QSL cards with others.
  • USB Type-C port is included for charging and PC programming functions.
  • In single-band mode, characters on the display are big, bold, and easy to see from a distance.
  • Most of the optional accessories for the ID-52/ID-51/ID-31 series transceivers are compatible with the ID-50A, including the Icom BP-307 large-capacity lithium-ion battery pack.

Other features include output power options of 5W/2.5W/1.0W/0.55W/ 0.1W; wideband receive: 88.0–174 MHz, 375–479 MHz with a guaranteed range of 144-148 MHz, 440-450 MHz; easy D-STAR settings; weather channel receive (USA/CAN); 500 channels; DV/FM Repeater Search function; DV Fast Data Mode; high-visibility LCD with backlight function that lets you use the transceiver in dark places; 750mW loud audio; MicroSD card slot; voice recording function; and external DC power jack.

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