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New Product Spotlight: DX Engineering Single-Band Dipole Kits

Three cheers for the mighty dipole—that simple, easy-to-deploy, easily hidden, and cost-effective antenna that’s extremely efficient at resonant frequency, helping hams everywhere make QSOs from backyards, parks, islands, or summits. It’s why we love to devote space to the dipole in OnAllBands. Of course, you may have trouble devoting space on your own property to the dipole—especially at prohibitive low-band wire lengths—but that’s not an issue online. Here are a few OnAllBands articles worth a read:

Great News for Dipole Fans

Coming soon—While many hams enjoy building their own dipoles, others prefer out-of-the-box solutions without the hassle. DX Engineering’s new Single-Band Dipole Kits were made with you in mind. Choose from five models of rugged yet lightweight antennas that give you all the proven, reliable performance dipoles are known for plus the benefits of being constructed from high-quality DX Engineering components. Kits come with the DXE-MC20-1-1 Maxi-Core® 1:1 Balun; two 14 AWG stranded copper wires with black, relaxed PVC jacket and crimped and soldered ¼” ring terminal on one end of each wire; high-strength wire antenna balun mounting bracket; end insulators; and stainless steel hardware. Antennas have up to a legal limit power rating of 1.5 kW when used with supplied balun. Also available are wire sets with ring terminals and hardware. Look for these kits on in the days ahead.


  • 160M, Set of Two 132-Foot Wires
  • 80M or 75M, Set of Two 69-Foot Wires
  • 60M or 40M, Set of Two 46-Foot Wires
  • 30M, 20M, or 17M, Set of Two 26-Foot Wires
  • 15M, 12M, 10M, or 6M, Set of Two 13-Foot Wires

Wire Sets

  • Set of Two 14 AWG 132-Foot Wires w/Terminals, Hardware
  • Set of Two 14 AWG 69-Foot Wires w/Terminals, Hardware
  • Set of Two 14 AWG 46-Foot Wires w/Terminals, Hardware
  • Set of Two 14 AWG 26-Foot Wires w/Terminals, Hardware
  • Set of Two 14 AWG 13-Foot Wires w/Terminals, Hardware

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