New Product Spotlight: DX Engineering Rotator Super Duty Mast Clamps

DX Engineering’s new Rotator Super Duty Mast Clamps are the right choice when maximum torque handling is required on aluminum and steel mast tubing for your rotator setup.

Compared to competing clamps, these solidly built options significantly improve the connection between the rotator and the directional antenna rotating mast. The clamps have been manufactured to mate with the DX Engineering DXE-RT4500HD Heavy-Duty Rotator and replace the clamp on the M2 OR2800 Rotator.

DX Engineering highly recommends installing a 2.5 or 3 O.D. mast with its Rotator Super Mast Clamp whenever the planned installation of mast- mounted rotatable antennas will have a total wind load or wind exposure rating of 18 square feet or more.

The clamps come in sizes to fit 2″, 2.5″, or 3″ O.D. masts and are intended for use only on tubing, not fractional sized pipe. Choose from kits that come with two clamps for the standard version or three clamps for the heavy-duty model. In addition to the clamps, kits include stainless steel backing plates, rugged 8-18 stainless steel 3/8-16 hex mounting and clamp bolt sets, and all fasteners. Unlike stamped or machined-type clamps, these clamps are cast from a rugged aluminum alloy that grips tubing with a special textured surface for an incredibly secure fit that resists torque, wind, and weather. The vertical plate has holes for the applicable Super Duty Clamps and the base plates have an integral weep channel to ensure moisture is not trapped in the mast.

All six models of the Rotator Super Duty Mast Clamps (DXE-SDMC-2/DXE-SDMC-2HDDXE-SDMC-2-5/DXE-SDMC-2-5HD and DXE-SDMC-3/DXE-SDMC-3HDcan be used on Rohn 45 and larger towers. Only the 2″ mast versions (DXE-SDMC-2 and DXE-SDMC-2HD) will fit inside Rohn 25G towers.

Check out the DX Engineering RT4500HD Heavy-Duty Rotator (below) along with rotator/clamp/controller packages at DXEngineering.com.

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