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New Product Spotlight: Coax Cable Guards, Feedpoint Connectors, and Wire Assortment Kits

We’re inching closer to the release of the 2023 DX Engineering Amateur Radio Products Catalog. Can you feel the excitement? We thought so. While we’re still a couple of months away (they’ll be ready for Dayton Hamvention in May), the hams on the production side of the catalog tell us this latest edition will be jam-packed with new gear, from Yagis to smaller but essential items that let you operate at peak efficiency, protect your ham radio investment, and keep your projects neat and organized. These three new items all fall on the diminutive side of the ham radio products spectrum but deliver big-time benefits.

DX Engineering Guy Line Guards

These guards can be used on towers to prevent damage to coaxial cable rotator loops that rub directly on metal guy lines or dead ends. The high-visibility yellow poly plastic guy line guard tubes are 46″ long and come split lengthwise for easy installation on existing coaxial cable. A hole in each tube lets you secure it firmly in place with a zip-tie. Sold in sets of three, the brightly colored guards may also be mounted at the bottom of guy lines to warn people that the guy line is present.

New DX Engineering Antenna Feedpoint Connectors

These feedpoint connectors provide a direct transition from coaxial cable to feedpoint for Yagis, rotatable dipoles, and other antennas that do not have a coaxial connector. These precision-made connectors come with silver-soldered solid tinned copper AWG 12 leads in 4″ or 11″ lengths. The two leads are epoxy potted in a square plastic housing for a direct, weather-sealed connection. “FF” models come with a mounting flange.

DX Engineering Feedpoint Connectors make a good choice on phased antenna pairs or multiples that require a coaxial cable ferrite RF bead choke at the feedpoint in place of a traditional enclosed balun. Also available is a mounting bracket/hardware kit for these connectors.

  • DXE-FFPC-N: N Female, 4″ Leads, Flanged
  • DXE-FFPC-SO239: SO-239, 4″ Leads, Flanged
  • DXE-FFPC-SO239ZD: SO-239, 11″ Leads, Flanged
  • DXE-FPC-SO239-ZD: SO-239, 11″ Leads
  • DXE-FFPM: Mounting Bracket Kit for DX Engineering Antenna Feedpoint Connectors

Enter “DXE Feedpoint Connector” at to check on the availability of the above connectors. The above models were added to these existing feedpoint connectors:

DXE-FPC-SO239: SO-239, 4″ Leads
DXE-FPC-716DIN: 7-16 DIN Female, 4″ Leads
DXE-FPC-N: N Female, 4″ Leads

Pre-Loaded Wire Assortment Kits

These NTE Electronics Pre-Loaded Wire Assortment Kits come packaged in a convenient, side feed box that will keep your hookup wire neat, clean, and ready for your next amateur radio project. Each box contains six 25-foot spools of 300V wire colored in white, black, blue, red, green, and yellow. Kits come with either traditional UL1007 PVC insulated or soft silicone rubber insulated wire. Choose between 18 or 22 AWG stranded, tinned copper wire.

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