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New Product Spotlight: Chameleon Universal Remote Antenna Tuner

The addition of a new product from the innovators at Chameleon Antenna is always reason for celebration—perfect timing since the Fourth of July is only a few days away. Want to add some QSO fireworks to your logbook? Looking for a reliable, weatherproofed outdoor antenna tuner for your permanent installations?

Covering 1.8 to 54 MHz, the Universal Remote Outdoor Antenna Tuner (CHA-URT1) works with most antenna types and transceivers. The tuner can be used with wire-fed antennas including verticals, random wires, and long wires, as well as with coaxial-fed antennas like inverted-Vs and dipoles. The tuner can match any antenna with an impedance of five to 1,500 ohms within seconds. Tuning time is five seconds for full tune and 0.1 seconds for memory tune.

Chameleon Universal Remote Antenna Tuner cha-urt1_hq_xl
(Image/DX Engineering)

The package comes with a compact coupler (5.04″ x 4.13″ x 1.69″) and tuner (8.78″ x 5.12″ x 1.77″).

The rugged, weatherproof tuner contains the antenna matching network and controller and is designed to be permanently installed outdoors at or near the antenna feedpoint to avoid loss due to high SWR on the feedline. The coupler contains the operator controls and status indicators. It uses a bias-T circuit to send power and control signals to the remote tuner over the connecting coaxial cable, so there is no need to order or install a separate transceiver-specific control cable. The coupler is not weatherproof and must be installed inside near the operator and transceiver. Also included is 12V hardwire power cable, brackets, and hardware.

Power Handling:

  • 125W SSB phone/CW
  • 100W SSB phone/CW – 50 MHz
  • 60W all other modes
Chameleon Remote Antenna Tuner coupler unit front & back
(Image/DX Engineering)

The CHA-URT1 features 16,000 memories for quick recall and tuning with previously used settings. Once the tuner is tuned, the relay’s latch and power is turned off, saving on battery drain. The tuned frequency will be stored in memory.

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