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New Product Spotlight: Carlson Heavy-Duty 25G Hinged Tower Base Plate (Video)

It’s always exciting at OnAllBands when we get to introduce the addition of a new manufacturer to the more than 175 amateur radio providers carried by DX Engineering. It’s even more exciting when we get to talk about a unique product that we know is going to make a big difference for hams who are building or upgrading their stations.

That’s the case with the Heavy-Duty 25G Hinged Tower Base Plate from Carlson Communications.

This sturdy hinged base plate shares the same bolt down and leg pattern as Rohn and American Towers 25G series towers, allowing any 25G tower to be tilted up or down for easy maintenance. Built to accurate tolerances for smooth fit and featuring all-steel construction along with Thermal Diffusion Galvanizing, this USA-made base plate provides a secure foundation for your tower projects. Connecting points feature larger 1/2″ hinge bolts (instead of standard 3/8″) and thicker 3/8″ tilt plate and gussets (instead of the usual 1/4″).

Three solid-steel mounting pegs are recessed into the 36-pound base plate for added strength. The peg layout is 11.25″ center-to-center with a peg diameter of 1.060″ to match the 25G leg dimension of 1.080″, allowing 0.20″ of clearance—a design which an engineering study found to be approximately two times stronger than competing base plates. Made for bracketed or guyed towers. 

Watch Tim Duffy, K3LR, DX Engineering CEO, interview Carlson Communications CEO, James Carlson, KE8ULJ, about the company’s Heavy-Duty 25G Hinged Tower Base Plate.

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