New Product Showcase: DESKTOP-MKII DSP Noise Cancelling Speaker

The audio pros at bhi Ltd. have announced some great news for Hams looking to upgrade the sound quality of their base stations. Building on its exceptional DESKTOP DSP Noise Cancelling Speaker, bhi are releasing a new version (DESKTOP-MKII) that incorporates the latest technology to ensure an even more impressive listening experience for amateur operators.

The bhi DESKTOP 10W speaker:

  • Removes noise and interference to leave crisp and clear speech
  • Provides noise reduction from 9 to 35 dB (8 levels) and tone reduction from 4 dB to 65 dB
  • Works with all types of radios, transceivers, receivers, and SDR radios
  • Employs intuitive rotary controls that make it easy to use and set up operating preferences
  • Includes a 4 inch bass driver and a 1 inch tweeter unit with an amplified bhi DSP noise cancelling unit capable of producing up to 10W audio (peak)
  • Has two 4mm screw terminal posts at the back for mono speaker level signals (4 or 8 ohm), and a stereo 3.5mm “Line Level” input socket suitable for use with SDR radios, and Elecraft and FlexRadio products
  • Allows users to change the filter level in real-time to suit current listening conditions

Watch this video of bhi Ltd Managing Director Graham Somerville, M3ZGS, being interviewed by Tim Duffy, K3LR, DX Engineering CEO. And click here for all bhi Amateur Radio speakers, in-line noise eliminating modules, parametric EQ units, active noise cancelling headphones, and more available at DXEngineering.com.

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