HAM Radio 101

Merry Christmas from DX Engineering!

The staff at DX Engineering would like to wish a very heartfelt Merry Christmas and happy holiday season to our companion Hams around the globe.

As Amateur Radio operators, we pride ourselves on working toward greater interconnectedness, positive influence, and general goodwill. These value-based actions are easy to achieve during the holidays when we’re striving for a spot on the “nice” list and keeping an eye on the chimney for the jolly fat man in the sharp red suit to arrive with a bagful of DX Engineering goodies—but these values are worth the effort all year long.

That’s why our Elmers do what we can to advance the hobby for the betterment of all. Here are a few of the activities DX Engineering is pleased to support:

EMCOMM: Helping operators prepare to provide emergency communications when disaster strikes

Youngsters on the Air (YOTA): A program that encourages the next generation of Hams through  

  mentoring and sponsorship with intercontinental excursions

• Sponsorship of various DXpeditions to activate rare entities, make more contacts, and

  advance our understanding of remote terrains

Amateur Radio operators have the unique ability to use their hobby to bring people together, move technology forward, and provide lifesaving communications. It is with this in mind that we celebrate the holiday season—a season of giving back and giving of ourselves.

Merry Christmas from the folks at DX Engineering, Happy Holidays, and 73.

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