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Mailbag: Using a Thimble with EHS Guy Wire or Phillystran Guy Line Big Grips

Q: When should I use a thimble with EHS Guy Wire or Phillystran Guy line Big Grips?

A: Whenever a Big Grip is attached to a metal guy bracket or guy anchor, you should always use an appropriately-sized thimble.

The thimble serves several important functions:

  • It supplies an extra layer of support, and ensures that the Big Grip at the end of the guy is kept at a proper radius so that it is not crushed, weakened, or damaged.
  • It protects the Big Grip from abrasion and extends its service life.

However, thimbles are not necessary for a Big Grip passing through a larger porcelain guy line insulator, as the “eyes” of these insulators maintain a proper curve.

The correct size Big Grip for a given size guy line can be found on the DX Engineering website under the guy line’s “Required Parts” tab, and the correct size thimbles can be found under the “Suggested Parts” tab, as displayed by the arrows below.

ROHN Galvanized Guy Wire and Cable 3/16EHS500

It’s worth noting, Big Grips are sometimes called “Dead Ends” or “Preforms.”

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