Lots to See at Dayton Hamvention® 2024, Including Products from Around the World Available Through DX Engineering

The clock is literally ticking off the weeks, days, hours, minutes, and seconds until Dayton Hamvention 2024, May 17-19. The theme of this year’s celebration of all things ham radio is “Expanding Our Community,” so there will be much talk about strategies to introduce more individuals and groups to the fun and value of getting on the amateur bands. Just a thought: Why not put this theme into action by bringing a non-ham friend or two to the show?

The upcoming edition of this annual gathering held at the Greene County Fairgrounds and Expo Center in Xenia, Ohio, is extra special because Hamvention will be serving as host for the 2024 ARRL National Convention. The ARRL notes that a significant amount of technical content has been planned for the convention program, plus “presentations planned to challenge and inspire attendees throughout each step of a radio amateur’s journey in the world of wireless communication technology.” See the full rundown of scheduled activities at the ARRL website.

Also, watch the video below of Tim Duffy, K3LR, DX Engineering CEO, interviewing Hamvention spokesperson Michael Kalter, W8CI, about what attendees can expect.

Check Out Exclusive Brands Available at DX Engineering

While you’re perusing the equipment at DX Engineering’s booths in Building One, you’ll notice that many of the items on display or for immediate sale come from manufacturers thousands of miles from DX Engineering’s headquarters near Akron. That’s because the company goes out of its way to make it easier for amateur operators in North America to have fast and affordable access to the very best equipment from around the globe—everywhere from Italy to Australia, Montenegro to Ukraine, Brazil to Germany, Bulgaria to Canada, and Texas to Slovakia.

In addition, you’ll find a nice of selection of DX Engineering branded products—designed, manufactured, and tested by our own team of active operators—available at Hamvention and at Plus, you’ll see products from our family of brands, including TransWorld Antennas, Comtek, and Butternut Antennas.

DX Engineering works hard to forge arrangements that enable North American operators to order high-quality in-stock items from DX Engineering and have their purchases promptly shipped to their door. DX Engineering is the exclusive North American retailer of these manufacturers:

Stop by DX Engineering’s Booth to Talk with Some of Our Favorite Manufacturers
During Hamvention, Graham Somerville, M3ZGS, owner and managing director of bhi Limited, Noise Canceling Products, and Mike Giannaccio, W5REZ, owner of REZ Antenna Systems, will be in the DX Engineering booths from time to time to discuss their amateur radio products and answer questions. DX Engineering is proud to carry REZ’s Ranger 80 HF Portable Antenna System, and bhi’s DSP noise-eliminating speakers and inline modules, parametric equalizers, HP-1 stereo headphones, NCH active noise-canceling headphones, audio isolation units, and other devices and accessories.

REZ Ranger 80 HF Portable Antenna System

bhi NES10-2 MK4 DSP Noise-Eliminating Speaker

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