License Plates for Hams and How to Get Them

Hams who have attended hotspot Amateur Radio events like Hamvention or Field Day have probably noticed specialty license plates on operator vehicles. These plates—known as Amateur Radio license plates— are used to distinguish operators for their service, enhance visibility in emergency situations, and promote the hobby. A quick stroll around the DX Engineering parking lot and you’ll see we have this particular form of promotion covered!

These great-looking additions to any vehicle are available in every state across the U.S. and in

international locales as well. Similar to other specialty plates, Amateur Radio license plates have a custom tailored license plate number—in this case, your easy-to-remember call sign.

Amateur Radio license plates are available to any Ham with a current FCC license and can be ordered at your local DMV. For more information on state requirements and fees, visit the ARRL website.

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