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It’s All in the Cards: QSLs from St. Pierre and Miquelon

Editor’s Note: Every month, DX Engineering features QSL cards from our team members’ personal collections. To highlight upcoming DXpeditions, we’ll be displaying a few of our favorite cards along with details about what it took to make these contacts. We’re excited to share some of the special cards pulled from the thousands we’ve received over the years. We look forward to seeing your cards as well!

St. Pierre and Miquelon QRV in August

DXers will have a chance to log St. Pierre and Miquelon this August. Employing vertical antennas, a Hexbeam, and beverage receiving system, the TO5M St. Pierre and Miquelon team (VO1IDX, DJ6GI, DM4IM and DD5ZZ) is scheduled to be QRV on all bands (160 through 6M) August 10 to 18 on SSB, CW, FT8, and possibly RTTY and some FM satellite. The team plans to operate four stations, two with amplifiers. As of July, St. Pierre and Miquelon ranked as the 124th Most Wanted DXCC entity in North America.

Located in the northwestern Atlantic Ocean near the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador, St. Pierre and Miquelon—an archipelago composed of eight rocky islands—is a self-governing territorial collectivity of France. Of the eight islands, only St. Pierre (population 5,500) and Miquelon-Langlade (population 600) are inhabited. In addition to the human population, visitors will find seals living in Miquelon lagoons and whales that can be spotted on their migration to Greenland. Get up-to-date DXpedition information at TO5M’s official website.

SHOW St. Pierre and Miquelon QSL cards

Mark, W8BBQ, DX Engineering customer/technical support specialist, contacted the FP/KV1J DXpedition to Miquelon Island in November 2009 on 80M and 20M SSB. DXpeditioners used an ICOM IC-7000 and Heathkit SB-200 on the venture.
Tom, KB8UUZ, DX Engineering technical writer, reached the FP/N9PD DXpedition in 1998.
George, K3GP, DX Engineering customer/technical support specialist, produced two St. Pierre and Miquelon QSL cards from his collection—the 2005 FP/KB9LIE-FP/K9OT DXpedition which he contacted on 20M CW, and the 2006 FP/DJ2VO venture, which he reached on 17M CW.

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