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It’s All in the Cards: QSLs from Norfolk Island and Mayotte

Editor’s Note: Every month, DX Engineering features QSL cards from our team members’ personal collections. To highlight upcoming DXpeditions, we’ll be displaying a few of our favorite cards along with details about what it took to make these contacts. We’re excited to share some of the special cards pulled from the thousands we’ve received over the years. We look forward to seeing your cards as well!

Norfolk Island

DXers will have a chance to log Norfolk Island (IOTA OC-005) this October and November. The VK9N DXpedition, which began October 8, is scheduled to be QRV until November 4. The well-travelled and highly experienced VK9N team is composed of Jacek, SP5EAQ (SSB); Mek, SP7VC (digital modes); and Marcin, SP5ES (CW). Read more about them and the DXpedition here.

Around 1,750 people live on 14-square-mile Norfolk Island, an Australian external territory located in the South Pacific between Australia, New Zealand, and New Caledonia. Its flag features the Norfolk Island pine—a popular ornamental tree and a key export item from the former penal colony.

As you’re trying to make contact with the VP6R Pitcairn Island DXpedition (October 18-November 1), it’s an ideal time to also snag Norfolk Island—a DXCC entity with historical ties to the Mutiny on the Bounty story. On June 8, 1856, 194 people from Pitcairn Island—descendants of Tahitians and HMS Bounty mutineers—resettled on Norfolk Island, taking up residence in buildings that were once part of penal colony settlements. Some Pitcairn Islanders chose to return to their native land several years later.

Norfolk Island is currently the 86th Most Wanted DXCC entity in North America, according to Club Log.

George, K3GP, DX Engineering customer/technical support specialist, made contact with the VI9NI May-June 2006 DXpedition. The QSL card celebrates the 150th anniversary of the arrival of Pitcairn Islanders on Norfolk Island. George, K3GP, made contact on 20M CW, 17M SSB and RTTY, and 15M SSB and RTTY.
Tom, KB8UUZ, DX Engineering technical writer, contacted the VK9NT 2016 on 30M and 15M CW and 40M RTTY.

Mayotte Island

Mayotte Island, a region of France located in the Indian Ocean off the coast of southeast Africa, will be active October 15 to November 3 thanks to the DJ7RJ (as FH/DJ7RJ) DXpedition, which will be focusing on the low bands in CW and SSB modes. Officially named the Department of Mayotte, the island (population 270,000), is currently the 106th Most Wanted DXCC entity in North America.

Mark, W8BBQ, contacted the FH8ND DXpedition on 17M SSB. The QSL card features a maki, a highly protected species of lemur only found on Mayotte Island. The card warns, “ To capture this animal is a crime punishable by fine and imprisonment.”
A maki is also highlighted on the QSL card received by Tom, KB8UUZ, who contacted the TO2TT 2013 DXpedition to Mayotte Island on 10M SSB.

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