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How to Use DX Engineering’s F-Connector Tightening Tool

Much of the newer ham radio receiving gear uses F-Connectors. Most everyone is familiar with this type of connector. You find them on the back of your TV set, your PC’s Router, cable modem, DVD recorder and more.

One thing in common with using the F-Connector in these applications is the frustration of trying to get the connector on tight. The other frustration is trying to get a tightly installed connector loose. This is especially difficult when more than one F-Connectors are near each other, making the a standard wrench or pliers nearly impossible to use.

DRUM ROLL…We have the answer!!

The DX Engineering DXE-CIT-1 F-Connector Tightening Tool.

DX Engineering F-Connector Tightening Tools DXE-CIT-1

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” So, in this case, here are 5,000 words:


The DX Engineering Connector Tightening Tool makes it easy to install and remove F-connectors in tight and hard-to-reach locations with minimal force.

This handy tool can be purchased by itself (DXE-CIT-1) or you can get it in the complete F-Connector Coax Cable installation kit (DXE-UT-KITF).

DX Engineering F-Connector Coax Cable Tool Kits DXE-UT-KITF

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