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How to Make Professional Ground Rod Connections for Your Shack or Antenna System

ERICO CADWELD ONE SHOT Wire to Ground Rod Clamps GT1-161L

A Cadweld One Shot is ideal for making permanent, reliable connections to your ground rods. It’s a very cool process that is easy to do and will impress even the staunchest members of your radio club!

Using a “One Shot” will provide a very high quality exothermic connection for all of your outdoor ground rod applications. “One Shots” make quick work of ensuring your ground system is the best it can be.

The “One Shot” is a convenient, single-use ceramic mold and welding material connection package. They produce a non-removable, permanent, exothermic connection to a ground rod that will not loosen, corrode or increase in resistance for the life of the installation. They are not clamps, but replace a clamp with a welded connection that thermally fuses the wire to the ground rod. Get you some of THAT!

“One Shots include convenient, single-use (one shot – get it?) ceramic molds that eliminate the need for any type of clamps and/or frames that can loosen or degrade over time. These exothermic connections are ideal for copper-bonded steel, galvanized or stainless steel ground rods.

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