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Holiday Gift Guide: Reference Books

This holiday season get the Hams in your life the gift that keeps on giving with reference and log books that will keep them up-to-date with new information for their next intercontinental rag-chew.

AARL’s MINILOG is the perfect way to keep your QSOs and contests organized. It’s small enough to fit in a shirt pocket and comes with the old-school satisfaction of putting pen to paper. Ninety-six pages provide ample room for up to 720 contacts, and the convenient 6.25 inch x 4 inch spiral-bound recorder is small enough to fit almost anywhere. It’s great for RVs, backpacking, or portable operations, and you’ll never need to reboot or back it up. Includes tabs for date, time, frequency, mode, station worked, report sent, report received, and comments.

• In this day and age, it pays to be aware of the impact our consumption has within the larger context—both from an ethical and economic standpoint. Energy Choices for the Radio Amateur gives Hams the knowhow to make responsible decisions as power and energy sources shift toward a lower reliance on fossil fuels. The author, Bob Bruninga, WB4APR, is the developer of the Automatic Packet Reporting System and an advocate for solar power, electric vehicles, heat pumps, and efficient energy usage.

• Aspiring Hams may give you a glare during the initial unwrapping of Ham Radio for Dummies 3rd Edition

written by OnAllBands blogger Ward Silver, N0AX, but wait it out and they’ll be thanking you later. This all-inclusive book covers everything you need to know to get licensed, set up your shack, and choose your call sign. It also features new information on digital mode operation and the use of Amateur Radio in student science and new operating events. Great for newbies and Elmers alike.

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