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Handheld, Mobile, and Base Station Starter Packages Make Getting Started in the Hobby Easier

With license in hand it’s time to set up your shack, but the glittering array of transceivers, antennas, and connectors can overwhelm many new operators. That’s why DX Engineering offers  Starter Packages

to get you on the air faster. Don’t let the word “beginner” fool you—these Starter Packages are outfitted with high-quality transceivers from some of the most trusted brands in Amateur Radio. They’ll get you hooked and carry you from novice to Elmer in no time.

DX Engineering “Getting Started” Mobile Radio combos include:

• 2-meter mobile transceiver from Alinco, ICOM, Kenwood or Yaesu

• Coaxial cable assembly with the correct installed connectors

• Antenna and choice of mount (luggage rack, magnet, or trunk/hatch)

DX Engineering “Getting Started” HT (Handi-Talki Radio) combos include:

• HT from Alinco (2M/70cm), Kenwood (2M) or Yaesu (2M)

• 15 inch flexible antenna

• Headset or speaker-microphone

• RT Systems PC software for easy programming of the radio

DX Engineering “Getting Started” Base Radio Packages include:

• Beginner base transceiver from Alinco, ICOM, Kenwood or Yaesu

• Power supply

• High-performance base antenna from Buckmaster

• 100 feet of DX Engineering 8X coax with PL-259 connectors

• Heil Sound Pro 6 headset

• Heil headset adapter cable for the transceiver

• DX Engineering footswitch

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