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Hamvention® 2020 Club of the Year: the South Canadian Amateur Radio Society 

The South Canadian Amateur Radio Society (SCARS) is no stranger to activities designed to advance the Amateur Radio community. For its work, the group will be recognized this year as the esteemed recipient of Hamvention’s 2020 Club of the Year Award. The annual honor is awarded to an exemplary organization that stands out through member involvement in multiple aspects of Amateur Radio, and consistently contributes to the greater good of its community, nation, or both—and SCARS does just that.

While the name may spur some confusion, SCARS is actually located in Norman, Oklahoma, within Cleveland County. Its moniker gives homage to the Canadian River (sometimes called the South Canadian River) that runs west of the town. Formed in 1977, the club uses its website, Facebook, YouTube, and weekly newsletter to keep thousands of Hams informed about Amateur Radio.

Based within the confines of Tornado Alley, SCARS takes emergency communication very seriously and works with the National Weather Center to monitor dangerous weather patterns. Members participate in National Weather Service SKYWARN trainings and weekly ARES nets that allow local Hams to keep up to date on skills needed for tornado tracking in the area.

SCARS members also participate in weekly nets on 2M, 6M, 10M, UHF, and DMR so members are regularly able to get on the air. There is a meet-up every Saturday for a siren net that lets Hams monitor over 100 sirens in four towns. SCARS hosts a weekly Elmer night and monthly meetings to stay up to date on evolving Amateur Radio topics. They additionally provide monthly licensing tests using the Laurel Amateur Radio Club Volunteer Examiner Coordinator or LARC VEC System. The club covers all expenses for testing.

And they don’t stop there when it comes to giving back. Members of SCARS work as some of the 110 volunteer operators that provide communications for the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon and Oklahoma’s Bike MS fundraiser. SCARS operators manage multiple stations in their communities; libraries; the National Weather Center; city and county Operation Centers; and at the Red Cross.

Not one to shy away from an Amateur Radio event, SCARS members show up in droves to participate in ARRL Field Day; Winter Field Day; spring and fall picnics; hamfests; Route 66 Special Event Stations; storm spotting; school demos; Jamboree on the Air; and a whole lot more!

Want to see the Hamvention award winners announced live? Click here to see Michael Kalter’s (W8CI) March 3 visit to a DX Engineering episode of Tuesdays with Tim and Jeff when he revealed the results. While you’re there, join DX Engineering on Facebook for updates on new products, videos on Amateur Radio topics, special event announcements, and more. To learn more about previous recipients of the Club of the Year Award and honorees, visit the Dayton Hamvention website for full details.

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