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Holiday Gifts for Hams 2020: Headphones and Headsets

Selecting the right pair of headphones or the ideal headset is as personal a choice as finding shoes that fit or a recliner that comfortably accommodates your posterior. One Ham’s “these are perfect” is another Ham’s “close but no cigars.”

The great news is that DX Engineering carries a variety of headphones and headsets from leading brands, so there’s an excellent chance you’ll find one that’s perfect for your noggin, with all the features you want for your operating pursuits. Find club members who have the models you’re interested in and give them a try. Once you’ve found your “Goldilocks” set (these are just right!), put them on your holiday wish list for a loved one to “surprise” you with or take matters into your own hands and treat yourself to greater comfort and improved audio. Here are a few options available at DX Engineering:


  • Heil Pro 7 Headsets have passive noise canceling ability that blocks out background noise, audio balance control, a phase reversal switch for digging out weak signals, and adjustable mic boom.

Five Stars: “Very comfortable for long hours of use. Great audio both TX and RX. I am using this headset with the Icom IC-7610 and I am very pleased with the quality and audio.”

  • Heil Pro Set Elite Headsets deliver bright, articulate audio to cut through pile-ups. They feature acoustically-tuned chambers that facilitate a high rejection of outside noise.

Five Stars: “I found the headset to be very comfortable with amazing audio. I got this for working satellites.” 

  • Lightweight and comfortable Heil Pro Set 6 Headsets use Heil’s HC 6 wide-response mic element so you can take advantage of the microphone EQ of your modern transceiver.

Five Stars: “I love Heil quality. I use this headset with my Kenwood TS-590SG. The audio is excellent and the set is comfortable to wear for long periods of time.”

  • Weighing only 13 ounces, the W1 Competition Headset from INRAD features cupped, over-the-ear earpieces that won’t hurt after hours of use; large diaphragm high response speakers for clear articulation of receive audio; and 600-ohm dynamic mic element on adjustable boom with exceptional transmit audio.

Five Stars: “I’ve had nothing but good audio reports out of this headset. Been able to get through any pile-up that I have wanted to. Highly recommended!”


  • HP-1 Wired Stereo Headphones from bhi are made for rag-chewing, contesting, or just listening to your favorite tunes. These lightweight, closed-back foldable dynamic headphones feature leatherette padded earcups that eliminate pressure and let you operate or listen longer with less fatigue.

Five Stars: “Work well. Comfortable. Good value for the money.”

  • Also from bhi, its NCH Active Noise Canceling Headphone reduces ambient background noise and provides stellar passive audio isolation so you can enjoy a more blissful listening experience, whether in an aircraft cabin or at home trying to block out the noise of a fan.

Five Stars: “Great set of earphones, lightweight, comfortable, good sound. Enjoying for QRP portable use.”

Looking for more ways to improve the ergonomics and operating efficiency of your shack as the weather cools? Read this OnAllBands article from Ward Silver, N0AX, Station Improvements: Inside During the Winter. You’ll find some great gift ideas in there, too.

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