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Field Day Gear Series (Part 2): Going Solar on Field Day

Whether your goal for ARRL Field Day (June 22-23) is to add bonus points to your club’s score, get better prepared for EMCOMM deployments, or both, using a nontraditional source to power your stations is a great way to enhance your portable operations capabilities.

If you’ve never used solar power during Field Day, why not make 2024 the year you put the sun to work to make some unique QSOs from your temporary setups? Read complete ARRL Field Day 2024 rules here, including how to earn bonus points by operating transmitting equipment from a source completely independent of the commercial power mains.

DX Engineering makes it easy to expand the versatility of your temporary stations with Bioenno Power Foldable Solar Panels and Solar Charge Controllers.

Available in 28-, 40-, 60-, 100-, and 120-watt models, these easy-to-use monocrystalline panel systems are perfect for Field Day and other applications when you’re outside with plenty of sunlight but no access to the power grid. Enjoy clean, modulated, and EMI/RFI-free silent output, easy portability, and durability with excellent wear and weather resistance. When paired with the Bioenno Power Packs, these solar panels allow you to fully exploit the maximum power from the sun and provide power to most electronic devices such as laptops, radio equipment, communications gear, and PA systems.

Note: Always use a solar panel with a matching solar charge controller (sold separately) when used in conjunction with a battery. Attaching a solar panel directly to a battery is not advised. Only cell phones, tablets, and other personal electronic devices charging at 5V can be attached directly to the panel.

Available Bioenno Power Solar Panels

BIP-BSP-28: This high-strength PET polymer laminated solar panel, weighing 3.3 pounds, is integrated into a rugged polyester canvas (also known as PVC fabric). Features include 28W maximum power; 12-18 VDC; 1.55A maximum output current; built-in 5 VDC USB outlet for charging personal devices such as phones and tablets; and 2.1mm DC output jack. Dimensions when folded: 11.96″ L x 9.48″ W x 0.98″ H.

BIP-BSP-40-LITE: Weighing only 3.97 pounds, the BSP-40-LITE solar panel features the same durable construction as the BSP-28 and other models; 40W maximum power; 15-18 VDC; 2.22A maximum output current; built-in 5 VDC USB outlet for charging personal devices; and 2.1mm DC output jack. Dimensions when folded: 11.4″ L x 7.87″ W x 2.1 H”.

BIP-BSP-60-LITE: Specs include 60W maximum power; 18 VDC; 3.33A maximum output; easy transport at 5.47 pounds; and compact size when folded: 20.5″ L x 14.1″ W x 1.7 H”.

BIP-BSP-100-LITE: The 10-pound BSP-100-LITE offers 100W maximum power; 18 VDC; and 5.56A maximum output. It also includes SB50 Anderson Powerpole connectors. Dimensions when folded: 20.5″ L x 14.1″ W x 1.9 H”.

BIP-BSP-120-LITE: Specs for this 25.3-pound, 120W model include 18 VDC;
6.7A maximum output current; SB50 Anderson Powerpole connectors; and a compact size of 30″ L x 22″ W x 2.5 H” when folded. Please check for availability.

Solar Charge Controllers

Bioenno Power’s versatile Solar Charge Controllers are designed for use in solar systems to charge LiFePO4, AGM, or SLA batteries. Featuring an LCD that shows usage status of the system, units provide a regulated output voltage to charge batteries and maintain loads. All units accept 12 VDC or 24 VDC input from solar panels. Model BIP-SC-4830JUD accepts 12, 24, 36, or 48 VDC.

BIP-SC-122420JUD: Up to 20A rated charge and load current; 12-50 VDC allowable range for input voltage from solar panels; DC barrel plugs included.

BIP-SC-4830JUD: Up to 30A rated charge and load current; 17-50 VDC allowable range for input voltage from solar panels.

Five Stars (SC-4830JUD): “I’m liking this controller. Simple to use, lightweight, integral cooling fins. It’s got it all.”

BIP-SC-122420NE: Up to 20A rated charge and load current; 100 VDC maximum input voltage from solar panels; features MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) to ensure best performance and compatibility with Bioenno Power batteries.

BIP-SC-122430NE: 20A maximum load current and 30A maximum solar recharge current; MPPT; 75 VDC maximum input voltage from solar panels. Note: The device can accept any voltage under 75V, but it will not boost the voltage if the panel voltage is less than the battery voltage. Make sure your panel voltage is higher than your battery voltage for optimum performance.

Also check out a wide selection of Bioenno Power LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) batteries and charger combos for your Field Day operations at

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