HAM Radio 101

Exploring Some Ham Radio Resolutions

To our fellow Hams around the world, all of us at OnAllBands and DX Engineering—from the designers who come up with new Amateur Radio products to the folks who pack and ship your purchases—wish you a healthy and happy 2020, filled with loads of QSOs and many satisfying hours enjoying the hobby we’re all so passionate about. As DX Engineering enters its 20th anniversary year, our Elmers offer this one simple New Year’s resolution:

To continue to be here for our customers, whether you’re a new licensee looking for advice on getting started or a longtime operator preparing for the next major contest or DXpedition!  

If you haven’t thought about resolutions for the New Year, here are a few ideas:

  • I will do everything I can to be the best operator possible (click here to review the DX Code of Conduct).
  • I will give my time to be a wise and patient Elmer to new Hams both young and old.
  • When operating, I will be safe and take all steps necessary to make sure those around me are safe as well.
  • I will take all precautions—without exception—when setting up, disassembling or repairing an antenna. If I’m not trained to climb a tower, don’t have the proper fall prevention and fall arrest gear, or determine it’s not safe to climb for any reason, I will stay on the ground, even if I’m an experienced climber.
  • When operating outside of the shack, I will do my best to show non-Hams the genuine value of Ham Radio.

Tell us your Ham Radio Resolutions for the New Year. We’d love to hear them!

 Happy New Year and 73 from DX Engineering!

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