HAM Radio 101

DXpedition QSO Etiquette

Today, we look a little closer at how to handle yourself when you’re one of many Hams attempting to make contact with a sought-after station. First, be courteous. Many Hams will be trying to capture this rare contact, so keep your attempts short and sweet. Others in the pileup will appreciate your brevity.

When calling, send or say only your call sign. Don’t transmit the DX station’s call sign—they already know who you’re calling!  Send your call a couple of times and then stand by, listening to see if the DX station heard you and is now calling you back. Here is an example:

DX: This is KH7Z, QRZed (meaning “Please call now.”)
         (Listen—If no response from the DX station in two or three seconds, call again repeating the pattern.)
DX:   K3LR you’re five-and-nine on Baker (Rats! They didn’t hear you this time, so stand by)
K3LR: K3LR, thanks, you’re five-and-nine in Pennsylvania, good luck! (“Five-and-nine” denotes a clear, strong signal)
DX: Thanks, this is KH7Z, QRZed
DX: N8DXE you’re five-and-nine on Baker (You made it!)
You: N8DXE (to be sure the DX station knows it’s you responding), thanks, you’re five-and-nine in Ohio!


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