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DX Engineering Product Spotlight: Coaxial Cable Prep Tools for Crimp Connectors Kit

With ARRL Field Day 2022 (June 25-26) on the horizon and more pleasant weather on the way, the folks at OnAllBands have been shifting our attention to the great outdoors. If you’re thinking about getting your station in top shape or being fully prepared for the unexpected, and inevitable, snafus on Field Day, it’s a good idea to start thinking about investing in quality tools that make station repairs and upgrades easier and more enjoyable. Even better, set your sights on acquiring entire kits that provide every tool you need for a range of tasks, all conveniently stored in one place.

As a follow-up to our post on the DX Engineering Ultra-Grip 2 Crimp Connector Hand Tool Kit, we’re highlighting another collection of finely  crafted tools that have become a trusted time-saving companion in shacks around the world: the Complete Kit of Coaxial Cable Prep Tools for Crimp Connectors (DXE-UT-KIT-CC1).

The kit makes it simple and safe (no knives or box cutters needed, thank you very much!) to prepare cable ends for DX Engineering and Amphenol Connex crimp connectors. It’s the go-to choice for dual-shield cables that require crimp connectors, as well as single-shield cables when you want to use crimp connectors.

As any experienced ham knows, better connections optimize station performance—and owning the right tools can help make all the difference.

How Does it Work?

When preparing 400MAX, 8U, 213U, LMR-400 or even 8X and LMR-240 sized cables for PL-259, N Type or BNC connectors, you’ll find the kit’s innovative hinged “clamp-and-twist” drop cutter/strippers one of those “Where have you been all my life?” kind of revelations. Just place the end of your coax against the tool’s internal stop, close the cutter and twist. Open the cutter and the cable is cut to the correct measurements to attach the connector. Place the coax in the other side of the cutter, close it and withdraw the cable—your coax jacket is now slit for easy removal of the cut portions.

The Kit Includes:

All tools also sold separately.

What do hams say?

Five Stars: “Great investment and a significant time-saver.After using the kit on my new LMR-400 feedline, I am so happy I made the investment. These are quality tools, and they really speed up the process of terminating coax. I began by practicing with some odd lengths of RG-8X and RG-213U. I followed the instructions in the kit and produced some really nice cable ends. Once you get the hang of it, you can really knock out some cables. Now, the number of cables I have to do for my station rebuild is not so overwhelming.”

Five Stars: “The newest version of DXE’s cable prep tools is wonderful. I have improved my success rate making custom cables using the new tools. I am glad they are available individually because I did not need all the parts in the kit since I was upgrading from the old kit. If you are starting from scratch, get the kit instead. Unique tools at a fair price with good documentation.”

More Resources

For many more details, check out the kit’s instruction manual here. Also, here’s a handy Crimp Connectors Tools, Coaxial Cable and Connector Reference Chart, and Crimp Connector Stripping Length Preparation Information Chart, showing trim lengths for DX Engineering and Amphenol Connex coaxial cable crimp-style connectors.

Still not convinced? Check out these videos:

Visit for the full lineup of tool kits, including the Basic (DXE-UT-KIT3) and Complete (DXE-UT-KIT4) Coaxial Cable Tool Kit for prepping and installing soldered connectors, and the F-Connector Coax Cable Tool Kit (DXE-UT-KITF) for RG-6U dual-shield/quad shield, and RG6 size cable.

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