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DX Engineering Product Spotlight: Ultra-Grip 2 Crimp Connector Hand Tool Kit

Like anything else worth doing right, operating a successful amateur radio station requires having the right tools for the right job—and knowing how to use them. This is particularly true when it comes to prepping coaxial cable, where use of the wrong tool, or ones of substandard quality, can cost you money in ruined cables and broken connectors, not to mention the expense of bandages and tubes of antibacterial cream when stripping a length of coax goes awry.

Even worse, poor connections can hinder station performance, usually at the most inopportune times. If you have your sights set on improving your contest rankings in 2022 or having a shot at making a QSO with Bouvet Island next year—the Moby Dick of DXCC Entities—neglecting station maintenance or scrimping on having the best possible station tools is a sure-fire way to let this rare opportunity disappear forever into the frigid waters of the South Atlantic Ocean.

Here’s the good news: DX Engineering is a one-stop oasis for amateur operators who are looking for tools and kits they can rely on. OnAllBands will be taking a deeper look at some of these DX Engineering essentials in the months ahead, including the Basic (DXE-UT-KIT3) and Complete (DXE-UT-KIT4) Coaxial Cable Tool Kit for prepping and installing soldered connectors; the Coaxial Cable Prep Tools for Crimp Connectors Kit (DXE-UT-KIT-CC1) for preparing coax for DX Engineering and Amphenol Crimp Connectors, and the F-Connector Coax Cable Tool Kit (DXE-UT-KITF) for RG-6U dual-shield/quad shield and RG6 size cable.

The Ultimate Crimp Connector Kit

We start our review of DX Engineering tool kits with one of the stalwarts of the group: the Ultra-Grip 2 Crimp Connector Hand Tool Kit (DXE-UT-KIT-CRMP2), which includes everything you need to make professional-quality crimps on coaxial connectors, PowerPole® connectors, and many other popular-size wire terminations.

Anchoring the kit is the precision-made, heavy-duty Ultra-Grip 2 hand crimp tool for interchangeable use of the kit’s five included die sets. The easy-to-use ratcheting crimpers are ergonomically shaped to produce extra manual power, with soft non-slip dual-color thermoplastic rubber grips for comfortable connector crimping results. The tool’s integral ratcheting mechanism lets you make consistently perfect “semi-automatic” crimps again and again with any of the RF connector or wire terminal dies. The Ultra-Grip 2 is made from carbon steel, and its black-oxide finish provides corrosion resistance and durability.

The kit also includes:

  • Crimp die which works on connectors for DXE-400MAX/RG-8U/RG-213/LMR-400 size cable
  • Crimp die which works on connectors for RG-8X/LMR-240/RG-58 and LMR-195 size cable
  • Crimp die for PowerPole 15, 30, 45A contacts and Molex connector pins
  • Die for insulated crimp-style terminals: 22-18/15-14/12-10 AWG
  • Die for uninsulated crimp style terminals: 20-28/26-24/12-10/8 AWG
  • Coaxial cable shears
  • Precision braid trimmers
  • 2.5mm Allen Wrench
  • Custom tool case

You can also purchase the Ultra-Grip 2 crimp tool (paired with one of five dies) separately.

For an in-depth look at the Ultra-Grip 2 kit, we highly recommend clicking here to view its comprehensive instruction manual, which includes a chart showing which coaxial cable crimp connectors work with different types of coaxial cable; details on how to install a die set; tips on adjusting the Ultra-Grip 2; and a step-by-step guide on how to crimp coaxial cable and PowerPole connectors.

Also, check out this excellent how-to video on using the DX Engineering Cable Prep and Crimp Tools for Crimp Connectors from Randy, K7AGE:


What do hams say about the Ultra-Grip 2 Crimp Connector Hand Tool Kit?

Five Stars: “Love it! This is an outstanding tool. If you are thinking about going to crimp-on connectors, this is what you need to put on just about anything that can be crimped. I use it for my coax as well as my PowerPoles. It is a solid tool and everything you need is included in the box. Dies can be switched in just a few minutes and all the dies you will ever need are included. Highly recommended.”

Five Stars: “Big improvement for installation of connectors. The cutting and trimming tools are well made. The crimping tool—coupled with DXE’s crimp-on connectors—made installation a breeze. For LMR-400, DXE-400 MAX and RG-213, all that remained was to solder the center conductor. Wish I had purchased these years ago.”

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