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DX Engineering Highlights New Gear at Dayton Hamvention® 2024: Orange RG-8X Coaxial Cable & More

One of the things DX Engineering always enjoys about Dayton Hamvention is the opportunity to showcase new gear, especially when these station-upgrading devices come from the innovative minds of our own team of active operators. As with many products generated from DX Engineering, suggestions from customers—as well as observations about what’s missing in our own shacks—inform us about niches that need to be filled. That’s when our team gets to work!

Today we’re featuring just a few new DX Engineering products that were on display at Dayton Hamvention 2024: RG-8X Coaxial Cable with Orange PVC Jacket, the Transmit Receive Interrupter Plug-In Module for the NCC-2, and Receive Antenna Matching Transformer.


RG-8X High Visibility Orange 50-ohm Coaxial Cable

DXE-8XV RG-8X coaxial cables are covered in a non-contaminating orange PVC jacket, so you get the high-performance benefits of DX Engineering RG-8X low-loss 50-ohm coax plus high-visibility that ensures your installations won’t be missed by you or bystanders. DXE-8XV cable is available by the foot; as 1.5-, 3-, 6-, 12-, 18-, 25-, 50-, and 100-foot assemblies with DX Engineering’s patented PL-259 connectors; or in a 1,000-foot spool.

coil of high-vis orange dx engineering coax cable
(Image/DX Engineering)

Flexible and low-loss DXE-8XV RG-8X cable features a stranded copper 16 AWG center conductor and gas-injected foam dielectric with a braided copper shield. In addition to its visibility, the Type II-A PVC jacket is highly water-resistant and perfect for direct-bury applications. The cable is intended for most low, medium, and medium-high power HF operations in base, mobile, and portable applications where short runs, flexibility, and visibility are key factors.

Note: DXE-8XV Orange will fade with continuous sunlight UV exposure. Color delivered can vary.

Spool of orange high vis coaxial cable from dx engineering
(Image/DX Engineering)

The orange version of the cable has the same industry standard specifications as DXE-8X black jacket coax, offering significantly better handling characteristics than larger cables, excellent shielding, and lower loss than slightly smaller RG-58. Further, DXE-8XV is easily terminated with crimp connectors, including DX Engineering Next Generation Crimp-Solder 8X PL-259 Connectors.


Transmit Receive Interrupter Plug-In Module

The DXE-TRI-PM provides protection from station transmit energy picked up by a receive antenna connected to the DXE-NCC-2 Receive Antenna Phasing System Channel B Receive Antenna Input active front end. This optional PCB relay switch device is typically installed in the NCC-2’s top Option Slot of the Channel B rear panel board. When the transceiver keys the NCC-2’s RADIO PTT port, the DXE-TRI-PM can open or ground the receive antenna input and board output, as selected by jumpers.

circuit board of a ham radio module
(Image/DX Engineering)

The device functions independently and does not affect or depend on the settings of the NCC-2’s Bias-Tee Enable circuit that places DC on the receive antenna feedline for active antennas. The module also features a gas discharge tube to protect the front end of the NCC-2 while in receive mode. Additionally, the DXE-TRI-PM installed in the DXE-DMC-2 Dual Module Chassis can interrupt or ground any receive antenna feedline or a receiver input.

Note: Adding a second DXE-TRI-PM to the top slot of the NCC-2 Channel A rear panel is recommended for further protection.


Receive Antenna Feedline Matching Transformer

dx engineering feedline transformer module
(Image/DX Engineering)

Enjoy the best possible receive performance with this useful device. The transformer matches your receive antenna 75-ohm output impedance to the nominal 50-ohm input impedance of most receivers. The transformer may be used in almost any receiving application that requires a 75-ohm Type F connection to a 50-ohm BNC connector. The unit boasts low insertion loss (< 0.3 dB) and excellent frequency coverage (100 kHz to 30 MHz). This feedline transformer is for use only on receive antenna systems, does not pass DC, and cannot be connected to a transmitting RF power source.


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