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Congresswoman and Kid Team Up to Pass Bill Recognizing April 18 as National Radio Operators Day!

At only twelve years old, Raymond Thomas Anderson, N7KCB, is already doing great things for amateur radio. He is the founder of Long Distance Responders and is using the organization to help achieve his ultimate goal of establishing April 18, 2021, as the first National Amateur Radio Operators Day—and his efforts are paying off.

Arizona U.S. Representative Debbie Lesko heard about Anderson’s mission to recognize the notable achievements of the amateur radio community and decided to help. “Amateur radio operators are critical in times of crisis and our communities are safer thanks to their dedication to sharing important information with the public,” Lesko said. It is a group that is well-deserving of acclaim and Lesko is wasting no time taking action.

In October, Lesko proposed a bill to the House of Representatives that, if passed, will officially make April 18 the first National Amateur Radio Operators Day—but it isn’t in the bag yet. The bill will get a deciding vote in January of 2021, and you can do your part to help it pass by calling and urging your legislative contact to vote in favor of the resolution.

You can read the full resolution (it’s only a page) here.  

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