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video still shot of man holding ham radio antenna
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Video: Add the Latest RFI-Fighting Tool—DX Engineering’s NOISELOOP Portable Receive Flag Antenna Kit

For amateur operators frustrated by unidentified RFI problems, DX Engineering has a new weapon to help you combat unwanted noise and get more enjoyment out of operating on the air. […]

samlex 12v power supply
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New Product Showcase: Samlex SEC-1235P-M 13.8 VDC Desktop Power Supply

The technical team at Samlex has some great news for operators looking for a lightweight, reliable desktop power supply with updated features, upgraded performance, and international flexibility—the SEC-1235P-M 13.8 VDC. […]

samlex power supply for ham radio
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Choosing a Power Supply for Your Station

Are you building your first station or returning to Ham radio from a long hiatus? Unlike gear from past decades, today’s Ham radios operate on 13.8-volt power. Why 13.8V? It’s […]

alinco dj-md5 ham radio handy talkie
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New Product Showcase: Alinco DJ-MD5XTG VHF/UHF Dual-Band DMR Handheld Transceiver

Alinco has a long history of making high-performance, battle-tested handheld radios, so the announcement of a new rig being added to its already impressive lineup is a cause for celebration—or […]

rigexpert stick antenna analyzer
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Video Review: RigExpert Stick 230 Antenna Analyzer

If you’ve been thinking about adding the handy RigExpert Stick 230 to your arsenal of Ham radio testing equipment, spend a few minutes with Randy, K7AGE, and find out why […]

a ham radio head mobile mount
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New Product Showcase: Stands and Mounts for the IC-705

When your IC-705 HF/50/144/430 MHz All Mode Portable Transceiver isn’t safely nestled in your IC-705 backpack while hiking along trails or scaling hills, how can you make sure it’s secure […]

kenwood mobile ham radio
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Product Roundup: Going Mobile with DX Engineering

If you’re deciding on the right mobile radio to purchase for your home and/or vehicle, you’re likely loaded with questions. What features do I need? Should I go with single […]

Icom IC-705 ham radio, front
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New Product Showcase: RT Systems WCS-705 Programming Software for Icom’s IC-705

When a new Ham radio transceiver is released, you can rest assured the folks at RT Systems won’t be far behind with software designed to make programming that specific rig […]

close up of clamped sections of a ham radio antenna
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Small Parts Like DX Engineering’s Resin Support Block Clamps Play a Major Role in Antenna Projects

SIn the world of amateur radio antenna building, there are many pieces and parts that don’t get their just accolades. Look closely at any complex project and you’ll find a […]

dx engineering tower guy rings
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Not All Guy Rings are Created Equal for Your Ham Radio Station

Pay a visit to a Ham radio station and you can tell a lot with a few observations. Some Hams like to show off their expensive rigs, powerful linear amps, […]