HAM Radio 101

ARRL On the Air Magazine: A New Reference for New Ham Radio Operators

The ARRL Handbook for Radio Communications is a whopping 1,280 pages filled with a mind-boggling accumulation of information about Ham Radio. Drop one on your foot and you’ll soon understand the vast scope of knowledge that exists about our beloved hobby. You may also need the name of a good podiatrist (so avoid reading in your bare feet).


Even for experienced operators, leafing through its pages can be humbling. For newly licensed Hams, it can be downright intimidating. While the handbook may be the mothership of all Amateur Radio references, there are other less weighty resources that pose no imminent threat to your metatarsals, while providing up-to-date information from the most trusted callsigns in the hobby. The latest of these is ARRL’s new publication, On the Air magazine.

Available to ARRL members, the magazine was launched in January 2020 to help “new licensees and beginner-to-intermediate radio communicators navigate the world of amateur radio.” Delivered six times a year starting in January 2020 (and also available in an online version), the magazine will include topics that address issues relevant to fledgling operators or those who have rejoined the hobby after years of inactivity, including:

  • Tips on selecting equipment
  • Getting involved in EMCOMM and public service
  • Building projects

Learn more about ARRL On the Air.


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