ARRL Kids Day Scheduled for June 15

Do you remember the first time you got on the air?

For many longtime operators, the magic of spinning the radio’s knob, calling CQ, hearing a distant voice cut through the clutter, and making that first contact is indelibly stamped on the brain. It’s something you never forget. And it’s why we’re still upgrading our shacks, tinkering with home-brew antennas, and grousing about the sunspot cycle decades later. 

On June 15, young people all over the world will get to experience the same magic during ARRL Kids Day—a biannual event designed to get youth excited about Ham Radio. It’s also an opportunity for Elmers to offer their stations and years of wisdom to young people in the hopes that they will go on to earn their license. At DX Engineering, promoting the efforts of young operators is a subject near and dear to our hearts. Read more about our work here:

DX Engineering helps young Hams in Ethiopia

DX Engineering hosts young Amateur Radio contesters

ARRL Kids Day runs from 1800 UTC through 2359 UTC. ARRL recommends the following exchange: Name, age, location and favorite color. To draw attention, call “CQ Kids Day.” Suggested frequencies are 80 through 10 meters.


How can you participate?

If you’ve got grandchildren, ARRL Kids Day is a good opportunity to pull the video game controller out of their clutches and introduce them to the hobby that was cool long before Super Mario stomped on his first Koopa shell. Not sure if they’ll be interested? Highlight some of the things that fired your imagination when you were young—working with electronics, experimenting, DXing, contesting against operators from around the world, saving lives through EMCOMM operation, communicating with satellites, maybe talking with an astronaut from your backyard. What’s the worst that could happen? You get to spend some quality time with your grandkids. Not a bad deal.

ARRL Kids Day is also a great chance to engage groups of boys and girls through scout troops, places of worship, clubs, and schools. Or you can get on the air and be the one to help a future CQ Hall of Famer make his or her first QSO!

For more details, check out ARRL’s Kids Day page.


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