HAM Radio 101

ARRL (American Radio Relay League) Overview

ARRL stands for the American Radio Relay League, the largest membership association of Amateur Radio enthusiasts in the U.S. When you become a member, you’re supporting a non-profit organization that has been working on behalf of Ham operators since its founding in 1914. In addition to publishing numerous reference books and QST, its monthly membership magazine, ARRL gives voice to the concerns of Hams through lobbying the U.S. Congress and the Federal Communications Commission.

Here is ARRL’s Vision Statement:

As the national association for Amateur Radio in the United States, ARRL:

  • Supports the awareness and growth of Amateur Radio worldwide
  • Advocates for meaningful access to the radio spectrum
  • Strives for every member to get involved, get active, and get on the air
  • Encourages radio experimentation and, through its members, advances radio technology and education
  • Organizes and trains volunteers to serve their communities by providing public service and emergency communications

Other efforts of the ARRL include sponsoring contests, most notably the November Sweepstakes and the February/March International DX Contest; operating a website featuring Amateur Radio news and resources; and airing the informative bi-weekly “The Doctor Is In” podcast, sponsored by DX Engineering.

DX Engineering carries a nice selection of AARL publications, including Technician Class, General Class, and Extra Class licensing manuals.


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