HAM Radio 101

AMSAT Overview (Word of the Day)

Based in Maryland, AMSAT (North America), the Amateur Radio Satellite Corp., is a volunteer organization that is celebrating 50 years of designing, building, launching, and commanding Amateur Radio satellites. It is one of several AMSAT organizations worldwide, including those in Germany, Brazil, Portugal, Italy, and the United Kingdom.

From the AMSAT website: “For over 50 years AMSAT groups in North America and elsewhere have played a key role in significantly advancing the state of the art in space science, space education, and space technology. Undoubtedly, the work now being done by AMSAT volunteers throughout the world will continue to have far-reaching, positive effects on the very future of both Amateur Radio, as well as other governmental, scientific and commercial activities in the final frontier. Rarely have a group of ‘amateur’ volunteers managed to do so much…for so many…with so little.”

DX Engineering salutes the work of AMSAT and wishes them another 50 years of success and discoveries.

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