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How to Quickly Get the Precise Coaxial Cable Assembly for Your Ham Radio Station

Say you need an 18-foot run of low-loss coaxial cable to replace an old, worn-out stretch that is negatively affecting your station’s performance. You want the cable to have type-N male connectors on both ends and be suitable for a direct-bury application. Further, since there’s a big amateur radio contest coming up, waiting weeks for the assembly to arrive is not an option. And when the cable does show up on your doorstep, you expect it to be of the highest quality. Nothing less will do.

Time to contact DX Engineering.

The coaxial cable professionals at DX Engineering are well familiar with this scenario. It’s why they offer a wide variety of premade coaxial cable assemblies in different types and lengths, with connectors already professionally installed. All DX Engineering cable assemblies are hi-pot tested and heat-shrink weather-sealed for long life. Plus, you receive same-day shipping on in-stock orders placed before 10 pm ET Monday-Friday.

Ordering of premade cable assemblies is fast and simple at, and if you have questions about whether you’re purchasing the correct cable for your station, friendly and knowledgeable hams—with a combined 1,000-plus years of amateur radio experience—are only a phone call or email away to provide prompt assistance.

As for the quality of DX Engineering branded coaxial cable, we’ll let this customer explain:

Five Stars (RG-8X 50-ohm Coax with DX Engineering PL-259 Connectors): “I decided to purchase this coax after hearing a friend talk about its quality. It’s well made with high-quality connectors and is sealed very well. A step above any other RG-8X sold out there anywhere else. I won’t be buying any other RG-8X but this.”

Premade Coaxial Cable Assembly Options

DX Engineering coax assemblies are available in lengths from 1.5 to 200 feet (length options vary per type of coax). They either come with DX Engineering’s patented Next Generation crimp/solder 8U or 8X PL-259 (UHF Male), Amphenol 83-1SP PL-259, type-N male, or BNC male connectors on both ends. DX Engineering coaxial cable is also available by the foot and by the roll up to 1,000 feet.

Choose from these DX Engineering coaxial cables:

For many more details, check out this handy DX Engineering Coaxial Cable Reference Chart at

The DX Engineering PL-259 Advantage

Not all connectors are created equal. When you opt for DX Engineering coaxial cable assemblies with DX Engineering patented PL-259s, you receive connectors that combine the best qualities of solder and crimp technologies for unmatched reliability and lowest loss. They feature:

  • Full diameter, full length soldered center pins that snugly fit even worn SO-239s
  • Spacious center pin inside diameter that accepts large conductors and allows generous solder flow
  • Deep, double knurled threaded shells for secure finger tightening 

Customize Your Coaxial Cable Assemblies

What if you need exactly 67 feet of coaxial cable with a PL-259 on one end and type-N female on the other? Or 258 feet of coax with 7-16 DIN male connectors on both ends? DX Engineering’s online Custom Cable Builder lets you select made-to-order coaxial cables that meet your precise needs (type of coax, type of connectors on both ends, length up to 300 feet). Custom cables are professionally assembled, hi-pot tested, and shipped within two business days after purchase. Also available on the Custom Cable Builder is DX Engineering Tinned Copper Braid and Times Microwave LMR coaxial cables.

Find all DX Engineering coaxial cables at

rf tech assembling a coaxial cable and connector
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