3 Field Day Must-Haves

Are you ready for Field Day? DX Engineering can help you stock up on supplies and gear to ensure your club’s event goes off without a hitch. Take some time to peruse your new DX Engineering catalog, and check out these new products to help make your Field Day a fun, enjoyable experience for everyone.

Wire antennas are a great choice for your Field Day station: they’re compact, easy to deploy and offer exceptional performance. DX Engineering carries wire antennas from several brands, including MFJ.

  • Visit to see the entire selection of MFJ wire antennas – there are over a dozen to choose from
  • MFJ makes wire antennas for virtually every HF band, including six meters
    • Most of its wire antennas will handle full legal limit power
      • That gives you the best opportunity to make contacts throughout the weekend
    • Plus, they’re durable enough to withstand the rigors of yearly Field Day setup and teardown.

Want a hassle-free way to hang your wire antenna quickly? Check out EZ Hang.

  • EZ Hang Kits are a modern spin on the familiar “slingshot” design
    • Imagine: a fishing reel, attached to a slingshot with a tennis ball attached to the line
  • Simply pull back the band and let your antenna rope fly
  • These kits will speed up your Field Day setup and make sure you maximize your performance by installing the antenna at its optimum height
  • Two EZ Hang kit versions are available, depending on your application
    • Make sure to check local laws regarding slingshots before you buy

Once you’ve set up your Field Day antennas, make sure they’re working at their full potential—RigExpert Antenna Analyzers are invaluable tools for testing, checking, tuning, or repairing antennas and feedlines

  • They can also be used to test coaxial cable assemblies
  • They measure the capacitance or inductance of reactive loads
  • Drastically cut down on antenna adjustment time
  • Simple, battery powered operation and a large display makes them easy to use out in the field
    • Provides graphic representation of SWR, impedance, loss, and more
  • Several analyzers are available, depending on what frequency range you want to cover

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