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Why Customer Feedback Matters at DX Engineering

One Email that Really Caught Our Attention

If you’ve ever placed an order with DX Engineering, you have likely received an email from CEO Tim Duffy, K3LR, thanking you for your business and inquiring about your experience with the company. Most importantly, the letter asks if there’s anything DX Engineering can do to serve you better in the future. The members of our team, from the hams who help with your order to the experts who pack your gear, genuinely want to know the details of your transaction, what went right and what could be improved.

It’s how we’ve managed to grow over the last two decades—by being responsive to the people who share the hobby we all love. Every email gets read, and when it calls for follow-up, you can be assured of a personal contact that promptly addresses your questions and concerns.

Thanks to customer feedback, DX Engineering continues to design and produce innovative products for the amateur radio community, as well as upgrade our ordering processes to meet changing technology. Check out this OnAllBands article on our new smartphone-optimized website.

We also receive a great deal of positive feedback that lets us know we’re heading in the right direction. The recent customer letter below really hit home for our team, as it truly captures the spirit of what DX Engineering strives to achieve every day for our fellow operators around the world. The letter’s author, Graham Hunter, N6GH, was kind enough to allow us to share it with our readers.

Hi Tim,

I rarely give reviews but I feel compelled to give one for DX Engineering.

I barely knew DX Engineering existed until a month ago when I started researching the Hustler 6BTV antenna. The speed, service, quality, and documentation I got from you completely blew me away. It was so far above what I have received from other companies I have dealt with.

Example 1, SPEED: I placed two orders with you on separate days, at about 3:00 PM PDT. In each case, FedEx rolled up with my orders the next day around 11:00 AM PDT, shipped from your Sparks facility (I live in Los Altos in Silicon Valley, 250 or so miles from Sparks). That means your guys had to receive, process, pack, and ship my order in less than 2-3 hours in order to meet FedEx cutoff times. That is fantastic. And the shipments were beautifully and carefully packaged to boot.

Example 2, QUALITY: Your DXE-TB-3P-DX tilt-over base for the 6BTV is an absolute work of art in stainless steel. Precision-cut, precision-inscribed, super heavy-duty, I have never seen anything like it in ham radio products in 60+ years as a ham. Your other products, such as the direct coax feed add-on kit and all the stainless steel hardware, are of similar very high quality, and every single item is carefully labeled and packaged so as to eliminate confusion as to what you are receiving.

Example 3, COMMUNICATIONS: Your email communications and order paperwork at every step of the way, from order confirmation, to shipment, to arrival notification, to order printouts, are all absolutely first class.

Example 4, DOCUMENTATION: Your instruction manuals for the Hustler 6BTV installation and mounting kits are some of the best I have ever seen in any customer-oriented documentation in any consumer category, period. Your website is absolutely full of useful information, carefully categorized and easy to scroll through to find what you need.

Example 5, PEOPLE: In my several conversations with your customer support staff, my calls were answered quickly, the people were friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful, and the overall experiences were very pleasant indeed.

You have a very happy customer in me, and I just wanted you to know what a wonderful job your organization is doing for you. From 33 years of personal experience as part of a management team that grew an international electronics company from $40 million to $8 billion in yearly sales in 25 years, I know that reaching this level of excellence is a lot of hard work and not easy to achieve. You should be very proud of the company you have created.

Best Regards,
Graham Hunter, N6GH

From the active hams at DX Engineering, thank you, Graham, for your kind words and for reminding us that our extra effort is making a difference for the ham radio community!

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